The life of a child

by Macabee Callard

If you’ve ever been a child, (and I hope you have,) you should know how annoying it is when grown-ups dismiss you and say how cute and easy it is to be a kid. Well, I’ll start out with the fact that there’s so darn many respects in which that is wrong! Here are some:

1).  Homework – The overwhelming factor and stressfulness of a written essay, math paper, or science project can really take a toll on the brain. Unlike adult life, where one can sit back, relax, drink coffee and work at the b-school or some nice place you are tied to a certain overwhelming routine with no brakes and you can’t give the excuse of spending some wholesome time with your kids. Sometimes a teacher will give an assignment where you don’t understand the specifics, and maybe your peers are mystified too, and you parents didn’t major in math, so you’re pretty much screwed. You don’t have the freedom to organize your schedule until middle school.

2). Siblings – I am blessed with good brothers, but I will say now that not everyone is this way. Some are mean, some are incompetent, some don’t care about you, some never talk to you. Some children are so different at home than at school that one could mistake them for a different person. For instance, a child may act as if they never thought about kindness or others at home, but were helpful and giving at school or vice versa. The child mind is more complicated than most think.

There are thousands of other respects in which children are more complex than grownups, but one of them is that we’re too lazy to say all of them. All I’m saying is, the next time you see a four- year- old walking around, there may be more than “what’s for lunch” in that head of theirs.

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