The Reason I Started this Blog

By Macabee Callard

This post is going to be talking about my primary inspiration for this blog. It actually was another blog. To be specific, Bret Deveraux’s blog: Of course, I am no where near his level of writing, but I aspire to be there one day. His writing is inspirational. Clear, well thought out sentences with good, informative conclusions and citations. His blog has taught me so much. It is a paradigm writing style, and I like how he does it. A lot of the time he compares pop culture and historical movies or games to history in reality, and shows the faults of our understanding.

His papers are well researched, compared to my half-thought-out stream of consciousness, and his jokes are actually funny. I highly suggest reading his blog, if you want longer and more informative papers than these. Bret Deveraux rights mainly historical papers, but as I said, sometimes he will do something assessing battles or logistics from something like Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones. Or sometimes, like in a recent paper, he talks about his world views and things he thinks should be done.

Of course, I didn’t just do it because he did. I intend to be a history teacher when I grow up, and I want to get writing now. I also just needed somewhere to place my thoughts, and you can’t express a fanatic love for history in school without losing some serious street cred. So I decided to just put it on a blog. I also write some philisophical papers, (It’s about 50/50.) And sometimes I just write about what I am currently interested in. Anyhow, if you want a more intricate version of this blog, I suggest his. Or you could read both.

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