A Few (Actually a Lot More Than a Few) Facts About Me

Hey! This is not an official post, but just a list of things I like, dislike, or am not sure about. My mom gave me the idea. I will edit this every once in a while and put something new on the list. Anyways, here it is:

Things I like                               Things I am not sure about          Things I dislike

Model PaintingPlane FlightsCupcakes
HistorySandBeating Kids
YogurtSkittlesSticky surfaces
Graphic NovelsFree SamplesCockroaches
Ritter SportFantasyShots/Blood Draws
The GalapagosSimplicityNews
Semi-formal clothingWarfareOld Tv’s
Darjeeling Tea“Ping” SoundsPublic Executions
ArgumentsThe Gold RushSpelling
My classmates being annoyed at meSingersEmpty Containers
Movies at NightHairChange in General
HotelsPatience The Death Penalty
AutumnSemi-ColensAbrupt change of plans
Coffee Shops Endings Traditions
The 1300’s PieMost anime (I like a few)
Dynastic China WritingMood Changes
Epilogues TapeThe Suburbs (generally, I like the suburbs of New York, Philly and LA)
Silence MarblesModern Art
National Flags SharksVenus
Cooking AutobiographiesBrussel Sprouts
Empathy SnakesSewing
Biking BeardsRetribuitonal Justice
Old cars Washing MachinesSewage
Peanut Butter Self-interpretation (haha)The “Baby Shark” song
The SimpsonsAlaskaBangs
Martial ArtsPensOre
Pool and BilliardsOrange Stuff“The Last Starfighter”
CandlesCardboardLaugh Tracks
IslandsInstant OatmealBaseball
Foggy WeatherThe Color BrownShaming
Green ThingsUtilitarianismRoyalty
The Good PlaceTrail MixPoetry
Nuclear PowerElon MuskApples
Elephants The Crusades (not the second one that was totally uncalled for)Sparta
BarterSocialism (in theory not practice)Glitter
JacketsThe word sublimeThe Number 4
The Mediterranian PatriotismBowties
TreesRouge OneEye-Rolling
Walnut Mousse CakeHorror Movies
The Total War GamesDolls
CoffeeThe LOTR Movies
DragonsSouth bend, Indiana
The RepublicMocking
The HobbitJelly (I love Jam)
Boston Duplos
Pine TreesClowns
The smell of gasolineSimplicity
Animal Farm (the book)Flowers
CookingCharging cords
Parks and RecThe Prequels
BiologySpicy foods
LatinHow many countries there are in West Africa
Environmental ConservatismThe Avengers
Liberal CapitalismPolitical Extremism
Voldemort’s absence of nose
Arabic & Hebrew
Walnut Mousse Cake (it deserves a second reference)

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