Understanding the War in Ukraine: When, Where, How, and Why?

Hey all! I haven’t written in a while, but I thought this was an important issue that needs to be talked about. I understand everybody is sick and tired of this war and hearing about it, so I understand if you don’t feel like reading. On the other hand, this is the real first warContinue reading “Understanding the War in Ukraine: When, Where, How, and Why?”

The Gallic Wars, Part 3: World War 0

Hey all! Sorry this one took so long; it took a while to research and write. If you need a refresher on our last Gallic Wars post, Caesar put down a Helvetic rebellion in Switzerland. If you want something more thorough, here’s a link so you can read it: https://wordpress.com/post/much-ado-about-something.com/670 But he now has newContinue reading “The Gallic Wars, Part 3: World War 0”

New Year’s Resolutions

New Years! A time of year when everyone decides they will be just that little bit better. But many of these promises are emptier than the gym on January 2nd. Yup, that’s right… despite everyone’s certainty that they will follow through, in 2021 only 35% of people kept all they’re resolutions! So why, year afterContinue reading “New Year’s Resolutions”

The Gallic Wars, Part 2: Barbarians!

Before we get started on the actual events of Julius Caesar’s campaign in Gaul, I need to explain something. I know in my series I do a lot of pre-posts like this where I clear up the situation, but this is important as it will influence your understanding of the sides in this war. AndContinue reading “The Gallic Wars, Part 2: Barbarians!”

The Gallic Wars, Part 1: The Eye Of The Storm

Hey all! Now that we are finished with the Crusades, I thought I would go back to a book analysis. This time we are doing The Gallic Wars, a gripping autobiography of Julius Caesar. I thought it would be good to start with a brief overview of Rome at the time. Rome prospered. It hadContinue reading “The Gallic Wars, Part 1: The Eye Of The Storm”

The Crusades, Part 6: Showdown!!!

Saladin had conquered the holy land. He had beaten back the crusaders city after city until they only owned the fortress of Tyre. He had destroyed there army and captured there generals. But the head general, Guy of Lusignan, was treated well by Saladin. He was treated as a king, and got all of theContinue reading “The Crusades, Part 6: Showdown!!!”

The Crusades, Part 5: Saladin Strikes Back

Hey all! As promised a few hours ago, here is another post on the Crusades! In this post, we are going to be looking at Saladin, the ruler of the Ayyubids. I will give a quick summary of the second crusade; it was pretty unimportant. A bunch of renegade knights travel to the levant afterContinue reading “The Crusades, Part 5: Saladin Strikes Back”

The Crusades, Part 4: Noble’s aren’t Noble

Hello all! Today we are continuing our crusades series. Speaking of starting over, I wanted to say sorry for not being as consistent with my blog recently- I try to publish a post every Sunday (something to cheer people up as they face the impeding doom that is the workweek) but recently I have beenContinue reading “The Crusades, Part 4: Noble’s aren’t Noble”