The Gallic Wars, Part 1: The Eye Of The Storm

Hey all! Now that we are finished with the Crusades, I thought I would go back to a book analysis. This time we are doing The Gallic Wars, a gripping autobiography of Julius Caesar. I thought it would be good to start with a brief overview of Rome at the time. Rome prospered. It hadContinue reading “The Gallic Wars, Part 1: The Eye Of The Storm”

The Crusades, Part 6: Showdown!!!

Saladin had conquered the holy land. He had beaten back the crusaders city after city until they only owned the fortress of Tyre. He had destroyed there army and captured there generals. But the head general, Guy of Lusignan, was treated well by Saladin. He was treated as a king, and got all of theContinue reading “The Crusades, Part 6: Showdown!!!”

The Crusades, Part 5: Saladin Strikes Back

Hey all! As promised a few hours ago, here is another post on the Crusades! In this post, we are going to be looking at Saladin, the ruler of the Ayyubids. I will give a quick summary of the second crusade; it was pretty unimportant. A bunch of renegade knights travel to the levant afterContinue reading “The Crusades, Part 5: Saladin Strikes Back”

The Crusades, Part 4: Noble’s aren’t Noble

Hello all! Today we are continuing our crusades series. Speaking of starting over, I wanted to say sorry for not being as consistent with my blog recently- I try to publish a post every Sunday (something to cheer people up as they face the impeding doom that is the workweek) but recently I have beenContinue reading “The Crusades, Part 4: Noble’s aren’t Noble”

The Crusades, Part 3: 60,000 Peasants vs. 1,001 Arabian Knights

Hey all! Another crusades post this week. I know that I used this title for the last post, but it seemed more fitting here. The thing is, last time we were still preparing the setting but we will actually get some fighting today. Buckle up, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride! Peasants from all aroundContinue reading “The Crusades, Part 3: 60,000 Peasants vs. 1,001 Arabian Knights”

An Analysis of Plato’s Republic: Book 10

Hey all! Sorry this is late…. I was pretty overworked the week before break. But I am on vacation right now, so hopefully I can crank out a few of these! Anyways, today we are going to be finishing The Republic. Heads up, I am pretty sure Plato smoked some grass before he wrote thisContinue reading “An Analysis of Plato’s Republic: Book 10”

An Analysis of Plato’s Republic: Book 9

Hey all! I recently realized I had dropped off the Republic in early September with scool coming and all. I am going to finish off the series. Enjoy! Book 9 begins with Socrates stopping Adeimantus and telling him that before they define thee Tyrannical man, they need to get a few things straight about desires.Continue reading “An Analysis of Plato’s Republic: Book 9”

The Crusades, Part 2: A Bit more Preparation

Hey all! Today we are going to do another blog post on the crusades. By about 1100 A.D, the powers of the Mediterranean had fully established themselves. Below is a map showing various powers. As you can see, powers had defined themselves by now. In the northwest was the Kingdom of France and the KingdomContinue reading “The Crusades, Part 2: A Bit more Preparation”

The Crusades, Part 1: What made the Holy Land so Holy?

Hi all! Today we are going to be doing the first post on a series on the crusades. Enjoy! So, what were the Crusades? You have probably heard that it was a bunch of dudes going to some place which was their holy land and conquering it. But who were they, who did they conquer,Continue reading “The Crusades, Part 1: What made the Holy Land so Holy?”