“Something Wicked This Way Comes” Book Analysis

Hey guys! Today I am going to be analyzing a book. I recently thought this up, so tell me whether you like it in the comments! It was Halloween yesterday, so I will be Analyzing a scary story. I chose “Something Wicked This Way Comes” which is a great horror novel written by Ray Bradbury.Continue reading ““Something Wicked This Way Comes” Book Analysis”

Should We Celebrate Columbus Day?

Columbus day happened this Monday, and, as there is a lot of controversy going around on whether we should celebrate it, I am going to write a paper on it. So should we celebrate Columbus day? After all, the U.S.A wouldn’t be around if Columbus hadn’t come. But Columbus committed terrible atrocities to the natives,Continue reading “Should We Celebrate Columbus Day?”

What is the Best Form of Government?

Hey! Today, we are going to be taking a brake from The Republic, and be talking about what is the best form of government. (Though, in truth, a lot of these forms of government I only know of because of The Republic.) Anyways, enjoy! How this is going to be structured is I am goingContinue reading “What is the Best Form of Government?”

An Analysis of Plato’s Republic: Book 8

Hey! Today, in follow-up to The Cave, we are going to be taking a look at Book 8. Enjoy! To start the book off, Socrates finalizes their view of the functioning of the city and its politics. But Socrates wants to know what kind of city Glaucon wanted this to be, before Socrates gave hisContinue reading “An Analysis of Plato’s Republic: Book 8”

An Analysis of Plato’s Republic: Book 7

Hey! We are back to The Republic. Today we are going to be Analyzing Book 7. Enjoy, and make sure to leave any thoughts in the comments section. Socrates begins Book 7 by making an analogy in reference to how education shapes the human soul. He tells Glaucon to imagine a cave which houses humanContinue reading “An Analysis of Plato’s Republic: Book 7”

A Few (Actually a Lot More Than a Few) Facts About Me

Hey! This is not an official post, but just a list of things I like, dislike, or am not sure about. My mom gave me the idea. I will edit this every once in a while and put something new on the list. Anyways, here it is: Things I like          Continue reading “A Few (Actually a Lot More Than a Few) Facts About Me”