Is it Better to Write for Yourself or Others?

There is a divide I see in writing that I feel I recently came upon. It is more prominent in some cases, and less in others. The divide is: Is it better to write for your own enjoyment, or for that of the crowds? In this post, I am going to be talking about theContinue reading “Is it Better to Write for Yourself or Others?”

The Rise of the Roman Republic Pt 1: Pyrrhus of Epirus

Ok, I know this sounds a lot like my last 2 papers, but this is totally different. Those were more all-round commentaries on the expansion and survival of Rome, these are quite specific important enimies that Rome fought as it conquered Italy. While Rome was still a young, growing nation, fighting for Italy, the InhabitantsContinue reading “The Rise of the Roman Republic Pt 1: Pyrrhus of Epirus”

The Reason I Started this Blog

By Macabee Callard This post is going to be talking about my primary inspiration for this blog. It actually was another blog. To be specific, Bret Deveraux’s blog: Of course, I am no where near his level of writing, but I aspire to be there one day. His writing is inspirational. Clear, well thoughtContinue reading “The Reason I Started this Blog”

The Reason the Romans won Pt 2

by Macabee Callard This is the second part of a very short paper on how Rome conquered the Mediterranean, and then held a stable empire. If you have not read the first part, go and read it right now. The main and most explicit reason, is, well, the Mediterranean. Whether it be marching an army,Continue reading “The Reason the Romans won Pt 2”

Emotions, Morality, and Religion

By Macabee Callard     Are there good or bad emotions? It certainly seems like there are. While some principles like manners, respect and authority have to be cemented in us at a young age and don’t come at all naturally, simple emotions like anger or sadness may feel good or bad. This is sort ofContinue reading “Emotions, Morality, and Religion”

Games and why we play Them

By Macabee Callard     One of the longest human traditions is the act of playing games and participating in a community with them. Games, like every human tradition, have evolved. They started with participating in a community. But slowly, people have invented games like Solitaire. And then video games, and then they turned some traditionalContinue reading “Games and why we play Them”

The Genius of ATLA (Avatar the last airbender)

By Macabee Callard Hey! Today I decided to talk about something a little off topic… a children’s show. The reason I wanted to talk about this show is I recently re-watched it and I got to admit, it could be  the best show I’ve ever seen. It is really a marvel. I watched it onceContinue reading “The Genius of ATLA (Avatar the last airbender)”