Games and Why We Play Them

By Macabee Callard     One of the longest human traditions is the act of playing games and participating in a community with them. Games, like every human tradition, have evolved. They started with participating in a community. But slowly, people have invented games like Solitaire. And then video games, and then they turned some traditionalContinue reading “Games and Why We Play Them”

Medieval Crossbow History and Technology

by Macabee Callard Certainly one of the most prominent inventions (if not the most) of medieval technology was the crossbow. Technically, crossbows had been invented in Dynastic China (circa 700 B.C, around the time of the rule of the Zhou dynasty.) But the crossbow was invented in europe during the early medieval period. This weaponContinue reading “Medieval Crossbow History and Technology”

The Interests in History for Younger Children

  by Macabee Callard I’ve heard so many people my age tell me that we should focus on the future and the past doesn’t matter. Well, before I start, let me make one thing straight: To me, history isn’t interesting because it is the past. The fact is, it has a unique appeal to itContinue reading “The Interests in History for Younger Children”