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A Short Comic I Wrote

Hey! I wrote a comic over the weekend, and since I spent literally every waking hour on it and did not have time to write a different post, I decided I would just post it. It is about Hernan Cortez, a Spanish conquistador. I have been interested in Native American history, and I might writeContinue reading “A Short Comic I Wrote”

My Trip To Boston

As you all probably know, I recently went to Boston to visit my friend. My papers were a little bumpy as his parents had a ton of stuff planned for us. (Biking Tours, Rafting, Sightseeing, and a lot of other stuff.) Anyways, I am back at my house now so my paper production rate shouldContinue reading “My Trip To Boston”

Is Beauty Real?

Is Beauty real? If it is, what is it and why do we feel it? This is a question I feel I have asked myself but never thought much about. Everyone always says a picture of marbles spread in a rainbow or a painting of an ancient city is beautiful, but what evolutionary instinct wouldContinue reading “Is Beauty Real?”


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