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The Origins of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is an interesting holiday, which many people don’t fully understand. In this short post I am going to be unpacking the interesting holiday, and hopefully telling you a few things you didn’t know! Unlike what a textbook might say, Thanksgiving originated not in one event, but was a tradition that grew from basic harvestContinue reading “The Origins of Thanksgiving”

Summer’s Here!

Hey all! I just finished my math final and I finally have time to publish again. Every Sunday, from now on, I will be publishing a post. We will probably continue the Caesar series, interspersed by other cool things and also modern events! (Because things are happening pretty fast right now.) I’ve already started workingContinue reading “Summer’s Here!”

New Year’s Resolutions

New Years! A time of year when everyone decides they will be just that little bit better. But many of these promises are emptier than the gym on January 2nd. Yup, that’s right… despite everyone’s certainty that they will follow through, in 2021 only 35% of people kept all they’re resolutions! So why, year afterContinue reading “New Year’s Resolutions”


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