Anti -Tank Warfare: Where is it Today?

Hey all! Military post today! Sorry this is late; it took me a while. Just a quick heads-up before we begin: This week’s post will be delayed as I will be in Seneca State Forest with some relatives! And it’s West Virginia so no screens… for so long… Anti-Tank Warfare began pretty much right withContinue reading “Anti -Tank Warfare: Where is it Today?”

A Look into American Gun Culture

It is impossible too, while writing a post about an extremely political topic, say I will remain completely unpolitical. But I’m going to do my best. I am going to try to write an unbiased post about American Gun Culture. Past, present, and future. In the early 1700s, guns were a necessity, not a statement.Continue reading “A Look into American Gun Culture”

Understanding the War in Ukraine: When, Where, How, and Why?

Hey all! I haven’t written in a while, but I thought this was an important issue that needs to be talked about. I understand everybody is sick and tired of this war and hearing about it, so I understand if you don’t feel like reading. On the other hand, this is the real first warContinue reading “Understanding the War in Ukraine: When, Where, How, and Why?”

The Gallic Wars, Part 3: World War 0

Hey all! Sorry this one took so long; it took a while to research and write. If you need a refresher on our last Gallic Wars post, Caesar put down a Helvetic rebellion in Switzerland. If you want something more thorough, here’s a link so you can read it. But he now has new problemsContinue reading “The Gallic Wars, Part 3: World War 0”

New Year’s Resolutions

New Years! A time of year when everyone decides they will be just that little bit better. But many of these promises are emptier than the gym on January 2nd. Yup, that’s right… despite everyone’s certainty that they will follow through, in 2021 only 35% of people kept all they’re resolutions! So why, year afterContinue reading “New Year’s Resolutions”

The Gallic Wars, Part 2: Barbarians!

Before we get started on the actual events of Julius Caesar’s campaign in Gaul, I need to explain something. I know in my series I do a lot of pre-posts like this where I clear up the situation, but this is important as it will influence your understanding of the sides in this war. AndContinue reading “The Gallic Wars, Part 2: Barbarians!”